Zen Noodle House and Sizzler

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About Zen

The Japanese word ZEN derived from the Chinese word Pinyin "chan" which is derived from Sanskrit Dhyana "meditation". Chan is one of the many Buddhist terms in Chinese that originate in India the homeland of Buddhism, which was later spread all over South East Asia & the world. We at Zen tried to create a menu mostly influenced from East Asian cuisine. Contemporary vision, traditional roots, these are the qualities that highlight a dining experience at Zen. This is more than just a meal it is a true culinary experience that is simply Zen. Canada is a multicultural country comprised of people with diverse backgrounds. The menu at Zen is created in part from this diversity & strives to become a place where guests could dine at comfortably. We believe that the restaurant is also a form of entertainment. By providing great service, beautiful food presentation & delicious cuisine we believe guests will have the best experience possible at Zen. -The Zen Team

Random Dishes from Our Menu

Zen Noodle House and Sizzler

  • Indonesian Street Chicken Satay mild

    Indonesian grilled chicken skewers, 2 pieces, marinated in peanut sauce with spring onions

  • Fried Chicken Wonton

    5 pieces, served with a sweet pungent sauce, & spring onions

  • Popiah Vegan

    Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls, 3 pieces, infused in sweet bean sauce

  • Siu Mai

    5 pieces steamed pork, mushrooms & shrimp dumplings, served with candied ginger vinegar

  • Har Gow

    5 pieces steamed prawn dumplings, served with candied ginger vinegar

  • Chicken Wonton Soup

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What Our Customers Say

Very good food for a reasonable price!
I had the Hakka Noodle with vegetables & egg & chicken.
Very tasty and more than enough !

Customer Testimonial

Food was delicious! We started with the dim sums. Crispy and full of a fantastic ginger flavor. For dinner my other half had the crispy chicken sweet and sour. The pineapples in it were to die for! I had the hong kong style chicken, which was super tasty with a nicely balanced heat at the end. Plus they have biodegradable straws!!! Special thanks to my personal waitress Lissy! Great service for the second night in a row.

Customer Testimonial